No need to pretend that 3rd party is writing my bio...


Born in Turkey and studied Graphic Design at a university. While studying I started working for a weekly comic magazine called GIRGIR which had a massive circulation of half a million copies in 80s 90s.

I moved to Britain in 1988 and worked in a burger shop for few years then I found an artist agent in Belgium who started selling my cartoons to magazines. Since then I worked with different agencies and my work was published worldwide in magazines and on merchandising products.


In 2011, I launched a humorous website which is visited by more than 120 countries.


In 2012, I have quitted cartooning and had a jubilee exhibition where more than 400 people attended the opening.


In 2015 I have created an art campaign to help refugee children affected by war. I've been exhibiting the photo montaged photographs in cafes, venues, schools, universities raise awareness and funds for refugee children. (


A new challenge is art itself. I'm getting there but it's not easy I tell you.















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